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Let the Healing Begin

Welcome back to Teachings in the Air, and join us as we go into our 6th season titled "The Healing Road" The first episode is titled "Let the Healing Begin" and host Gerry shared some words about this upcoming season: This series of podcasts are going to be on healing for the mind, body, and spirit. When our mind, body, and spirit is damaged or hurt we weaken and our lives can become unmanageable. Once we are in trouble mentally, physically, or spiritually we must go look for help, so we can live life to the fullest. We can and will reach our potential when we say hello to our problems and say goodbye to them with the help of healers, knowledge keepers, counsellors, and mentors. Healing is in ceremony, music, good food, counselling, meditation and positive activities. Our healing strengthens when we support others on the Healing Road. Saa Hiil Thut (Gerry Oldman) Let The Healing Begin is an introduction to our new season The Healing Road. Gerry shares his definition of Healing with us. Then, shares personal stories of his healing journey, from looking at the earliest wounds, up to the current day. The Healing Road is a constant and never-ending path, but through his experiences and teachings, Gerry echoes what he has picked up along the way.

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