The 2nd episode of Season 5 is called “Witness”, Gerry Oldman shares a discussion with guest and friend Dr. Lee Brown.

Dr. Lee Brown is the former Director of the Institute of Aboriginal Health in the College of Health Disciplines, and the Co-author of “The Sacred Tree”, an educational curriculum based in Aboriginal values and Epistemology.

Gerry and Dr. Lee Brown share their teachings in conversations about the #StrongHeart. They share stories of gifts they were given in their journey to healing and attaining a #StrongHeart. The long-term effects of trauma and negativity have played roles in our communities. Dr. Lee Brown shares personal knowledge and experiences alongside Gerry in how they have seen the sequence of events that led to where we are today as Indigenous People. This episode, we also hear when #StrongHeart got added to #StrongHeartMindBodySpirit.