Content Note: Teachings In The Air periodically introduces content that may impact the wellbeing of individuals who have experienced corresponding traumas in their own lives. Such individuals are encouraged to have necessary supports (such as Elders, counsellors, your doctor or therapist or a trusted friend or relative) accessible in the event that one's mental health is impacted. Such content is not engaged with lightly; however, our aim is to openly acknowledge and accurately illustrate the oftentimes abnormal history of Indigenous peoples. Because as Gerry says "You can't say goodbye to your problems until you say hello to them.”

“So, what’s our destination? It’s a bright future” - Gerry Oldman

Episode 5 of Teachings in the Air Season 5 is titled “Shut Up and Paddle.” Shut Up and Paddle is a common saying on a Canoe Journey, pushing canoe paddlers to keep paddling and not lose focus or give up, and to keep working together. This long-awaited personal episode from host Gerry Oldman shares some of his own stories and experiences explaining the mentality behind the turn-of-phrase "shut up and paddle."  Gerry shares very honestly, and at times, difficult stories and experiences about perseverance and not remaining enveloped in negativity. Invaluable and beautiful teachings have been passed through many generations to help keep us true to these Indigenous ways. Gerry shares a message of encouragement to continue on: don’t give up on yourselves or each other.