“That’s what I’d like to address this season, is to help us understand how our mind, our body, and our spirit can be weakened, but more importantly, how we can Strengthen it” – Gerry Oldman

Welcome back to Teachings in the Air with host Gerry Oldman and the brand new Season 5 titled “Strong Mind, Strong Body, Strong Spirit.” This is episode one of the new season, where Gerry discusses what he hopes to see the direction of this new season. Gerry shares some stories about his past, the community, teachings, and identity. Also, discussed are some of the subjects Gerry would like to address, and some of the guests he’d like to see appear on the podcast to share their stories.

Previously, we asked Gerry Oldman to write a blurb about Season 5 and this is what he said:

We have a new season for Teachings in the Air coming in October. The theme for the new season is “Strong Heart, Strong Mind, Strong Body, Strong Spirit”. The content I am creating have been influenced by the stress of COVID and the changing climate that we are living. The podcasts will reflect on how our resilient ancestors coped and dealt challenges and how we can emulate them. The guests that we are calling are an echo/reflection of our ancestor’s wellness way of life. I look forward to sharing Teachings that create solutions and that wake up the resilient spirit." - Gerry Oldman