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The Healing Road

“I look forward to working on Let the Healing Begin” – Gerry Oldman This is the finale episode of Season 5 of Teachings in the Air titled “The Healing Road” Season 5 of TIA titled “Strong Mind, Body, Spirit, & Heart” has come to a close, and host Gerry shares his stories and experiences with the latest season, reflecting on how he wants to remain on the Healing Road. Gerry goes in depth about his many journeys in life, with healing and wellness being a constant, even in the most difficult times. Gerry & the TIA team express major appreciation for Season 5’s amazing guests who shared their beautiful teachings and gifts with everyone.


Celebrating Indigenous Nurses

“We are the ones that our ancestors have been waiting for” – Rose Melnyk **This episode is a re-recording due to audio issues with the original, our apologies go out to the Indigenous nurses who took the time to share their stories & experiences with Gerry. ** This weeks episode is titled “Celebrating Indigenous Nurses” This is a very special episode for Gerry, as he shared the space with Indigenous nurses Rose Melnyk, Tamara Bob, Lisa Bouroque Bearskin, and Cassie Michell Bader. These Indigenous medical workers brought amazing inspiration to the podcast! They shared about difficulties working their way through school & their current professions, as well great insights to how they overcame while holding onto their Indigenous teachings in a modern work field.


Going Home to FitNation

“Movement is Medicine, Motion is Lotion” Teachings in the air is in its 5th season of #StrongMindBodySpiritHeart In this episode, Gerry Oldman shares the space with the Indigenous Sport, Physical Activity, & Recreation Council (ISPARC). Gerry shares personal stories and experiences including health, physical activity, and sports with his guests Richard Peter, Amanda de Faye, Dwayne Roberts, and Daniel Young-Mercer. ISPARC started in 2007 in hopes to improve the health & wellbeing of BC’s Indigenous people. Now, a provincial organization with the purpose of improving the health of BC Indigenous people’s by encouraging physical activity in individuals, families, and communities.


Absolute Fairness for All

“I knew that I had to personally change to be effective, I had to free myself…& believe in change”- Gerry Oleman Welcome to the 13th episode in Season 5 of Teachings in the Air. This week’s episode is titled “Absolute Fairness for All” Gerry shares the space with San’yas team members Kelly Pollock, Arezou Soltani, and Robin Smoker-Peters. Gerry shares a conversation with the team about systemic racism in Canada and help create understanding & inspire people to carry on. The San’yas team & Gerry share the work they’re doing in order to help fight back against racism through their facilitation work, personal experiences, and motivations.


The Beauty Way

“I just have to say that to our relatives out there, Come Home, fight to get back” – Aaron Nelson-Moody This week’s episode of TIA is titled “The Beauty Way.” Gerry shares the space with Indigenous artists Splash (Aaron Nelson-Moody), Nashmenetanaht (Atheana Picha), and Sydney Pickering to share a discussion about their journeys to becoming Indigenous artists in the modern day. Looking back at how art and culture were taken away from the communities and where it is today in reclaiming it. Also a deeper look into their personal philosophies, inspirations, and teachings they’d like to share with the community.


Free Yourself

“I heard them sing with hand drums, and I watched them. I could see them identify totally as Indigenous. Just by being in contact with culture.” – Gerry Oldman This week’s episode of Teachings in the Air is titled “Free Yourself” as Gerry shares the space with his guests Lori Pruce (Director of Indigenous Programs & Relationships) and James Knighton (Indigenous Programs & Relationships Analyst) of BC Corrections. This episode is a deep look into our history in this country in regard to corrections and what is being done to help the overrepresented Indigenous community in the prison system of Canada. Gerry shares personal stories and history with Lori & James about the corrections institutions and the work going into helping and reaching the community, no matter where they are. Season 5 of Teachings in the Air is about #StrongMindBodySpiritHeart


Diabetes World

“We were Very healthy, so let’s go home to that…being healthy” This week’s episode of Teachings in the Air is titled “Strong Spirits Living in a Diabetes World” Gerry Oldman shares the space with members of the Board of Directors & Staff of the National Indigenous Diabetes Association (NIDA). We had the honor of hosting NIDA board members Margaretta James, Mary Beaucage, and Mike Alexander for a personal story sharing of living with Diabetes and what inspires, helps, and encourages them in their daily lives as board members of NIDA and also living every day with diabetes themselves. Gerry has spent a long time discussing prominent issues in the community, and he is very thankful to have guests who are at the front of informing about Diabetes and sharing their stories.



“I just invite you to look around your medicines and pick them up and Use them” – Gerry Oldman Welcome back to Season 5 of Teachings In The Air #StrongMindBodySpiritHeart Today’s episode is titled 24/7. Gerry shares some personal moments about difficult times. Gerry spends time reminding himself of the gifts he has when feeling burdensome. Trying to keep fighting when it feels like everything is stacked against you, he hopes to share encouragement with you. Sharing a discussion of being down and how he found his own ways to overcome through having elders and others available to talk to in down times, movement and exercise helping the body and mind, teachings he has found which he still uses to this day!


Answering the Call

“What I have is my experience…and that’s what I’m going to share with you” – Gerry Oldman This week’s episode of Teachings in the Air is a special. Gerry Oldman was called on by the faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of British Columbia (UBC) to do a presentation on substance abuse disorder. Gerry shares a firsthand experience with substance abuse, stories, teachings, and fallbacks that are all involved with the long healing journey. This presentation was for UBC, and Gerry shares some careful and sincere words because he was Answering the Call.



“Let it come to an end, don’t carry that negativity, put it down.” – Gerry Oldman Season 5 continues the theme of Strong #MindBodySpiritHeart. This episode is titled “Tsilkst” which normally means 5, or the end. This episode is a personal journey of Gerry and how he helped strengthen his mind. Putting down things that weigh on our whole being like negativity, the past, and learning to let go, Free Yourself! Gerry shares teachings he’s picked up from different people along his path, and continued to carry with him. He also reassures us that freeing yourself and your mind is not easy, it took many years and much effort, but reinforces that is so worth it.


Breaking the Identity Trap

“The power of our energy and spirit is so incredible, vast, and wonderful” – Jeremy Ratt This week’s episode of Teachings in the Air, Gerry shares space with special guest Jeremy Ratt, host of the CBC podcast PIECES. A podcast dedicated to the journey of self discovery, understanding his roots, and identity. The episode of TIA titled “Breaking the Identity Trap” and is a conversation about Indigenous identity, and all the different pieces that form our own personal identities. Sharing a space where they discuss their personal journeys to finding identity, created identities, and the marks left behind from a bad history of projected messages put onto the community.


Race and Other Isms

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“We’re blessed that we have these gems. By gems, I mean Native communities that have held teachings of the heart, for humanity.” – Dr. Lee Brown

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