In today’s episode of Teachings In The Air, Gerry Oldman and guest Marilyn Jensen share a conversation about “Lateral Kindness”. Marilyn talks about her journey leading up to her work involving lateral violence. Through Lateral Kindness and story-telling, they are trying to inform and help communities move forward, away from all forms of displaced violence and harm.

Marilyn Jensen, Yadultin and Dūsts’ā̀dle, is Inland Tlingit and Tagish Khwáan from the Carcross/Tagish First Nation; belonging to the Dakhl'aweidí Clan under the Tagish Keét Hít (Killerwhale House) in the Southern Yukon Territory. She currently teaches First Nation Governance at Yukon College and works closely with many Indigenous communities as a contractor focusing on governance strengthening. Her main methodology in teaching and facilitating has always been through storytelling and sharing the beauty of her culture and identity.

Gerry and Marilyn share their personal experiences in helping others see and stop lateral violence in Repairing the Broken Circle. A long history of displaced negativity has long-term effects within the Indigenous communities that could be unseen. The discussions in the episode cover subjects that can be difficult, silenced, or even ignored. One of the first steps to healing is acknowledging the issue. They promote the positive ways we can start the path of recovery through acknowledgment, story-telling, and reclamation. Lateral Kindness is about encouraging healthy boundaries, generosity, and wellness in traditional ways to reclaim our history.

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