“Motion is lotion." Gerry Oldman

In this episode of Teachings In The Air, Gerry shares his stories about running. How running has helped him physically, mentally, and spiritually. Gerry starts at the beginning before he was actively running for healing and freedom. Sharing tales and personal experiences that have led him to where he is today.

Movement is medicine is the message Gerry shares, motion is lotion. Gerry started off running away from his problems, then he started running towards them and hasn’t stopped since. He shares of how he got introduced to this physical activity. He also shares why running has helped him physically through giving him strength and resilience to helping his lifelong healing. Weaving all of it together in a discussion about how being active helps keep the mind, body, and spirit healthy.

Running was Gerry’s tool, and he passionately expresses his love for it in hopes to inspire motion. It’s important, especially in times of lockdowns and isolation, being active when and where you can is one step closer to feeling better. Run alongside Gerry as he takes you through his journey to learning what Indigenous Is..