“A lot of the podcasts I do, what I hear coming from my guests is Love, and Love is a commitment.” – Gerry Oldman

Today’s episode of Teachings In The Air is called “Cradle to the Grave.” Gerry Oldman hosts his guests from NITEP(The Indigenous Teacher Education Program) Marny Point, Teneille Shea, Jennifer Anaquod, and Johanna Sam. NITEP began as an elementary teacher education program in September of 1974 in response to needs expressed by Indigenous people throughout BC for a more effective and relevant teacher education program. Gerry shares a discussion about the program that helps educate teachers and instructors on Indigenous matters including teaching methodology, testing and assessment, and curriculum. Education starts as soon as you’re born, and we continue learning our entire journeys.

NITEP shares their stories and paths that led them to where they are today educating and promoting the Indigenous ways of wellness, educating, and growing. They share the importance of not giving up on yourself. The NITEP team talk about their dreams and difficulties growing up as an Indigenous person in the education sectors, finding and building the support systems for our people.

Cradle To The Grave