All My Relations


“I encourage you to embrace yourself as who YOU ARE.” – Gerry Oldman

Today’s episode of Teachings In The Air is called All My Relations. Gerry talks about what it means (to himself) to be Indigenous in the context of the negative identities that have been projected at Indigenous peoples of North America for generations. What makes your identity? Gerry shares deeply his insights and thoughts about Indigenous Identity, telling personal stories of how he slowly discovered his own self growing up, despite false identities being projected onto him. Strong teachings being brought to him shaped and led Gerry towards his healing path and to finding himself.

“Indigenous Is..” has been an ongoing theme in the fourth season of Teachings In The Air. This episode is a very personal look into everything that surrounds identity and what makes you, YOU. Gerry covers subjects like ancestry, status, community, family, places he’s been, and people who have given him teachings. Because the teachings are everywhere, it’s up to you to pick them up.

Today you are all Gerry Oldman and the Teachings In The Air team’s relatives.