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Saying Hello

The final episode of TIA Season 4 is "Saying Hello". Gerry’s shares his road to reconciliation and encourages us to say hello to our problems so we can say goodbye to them. The episode allows Gerry to share deep feelings, teachings surrounding Reconciliation. Gerry teaches us that seeking or giving forgiveness in the world can be a difficult task but can be done.


Special: Diabetes & Safety in Ceremony Pt. 1

In today's episode, Gerry shares space with Dr. Karen Hill M.D from Mohawk Nation and Elder Treffrey Deerfoot from the Siksika Nation and Blood Tribe of the Blackfoot Nation. Gerry, Treffrey and Karen break down what diabetes is, how it affects our bodies and how we may incorporate our traditional knowledge to overcome this modern obstacle. This series was recorded for National Indigenous Diabetes Awareness day on May 7th and will debut in 3 parts. Kustkum'ckuw to our panelists and the National Indigenous Diabetes Association for this partnership.


Let The Ceremony Begin

"Whatever way you can find peace, I encourage you” – Gerry Oldman Let the Ceremony Begin! Gerry shares his personal journey and relationship to Ceremony. He says he is still on the learning path and changing as he goes. If you’re unsure about ceremony, Gerry encourages you to Let the Ceremony Begin!



“Because of retrieving my spirit, I achieved a lot of my goals." - Gerry Oldman Gerry teaches us how to commit to love and shares how he retrieved his spirit. He teaches us about commitment, love, and wellness to achieve our personal goals. This extraordinarily personal episode shares the many ways that Gerry has asked found help, positivity, and teachings that led him back to his spirit. Cuystwi! (Let’s go!)


Ask Aunty, Ask Uncle

“To me, the Uncles and Aunties, WE'RE the teachers...” – Gerry Oldman Today’s episode is a panel recording of the Ask Aunty/Ask Uncle panel from the Cloud Connections Conference(CCC) which was hosted by the Indigenous Youth Wellness team, February 16-18. “Aunties and Uncles” is hosted by Savannah Minoose, alongside Gerry, Naomi Bob and Sarain Squakin of the IYW team. They discuss the importance of Aunties and Uncles as role models, their community position as an aunty or uncle and how vital these positions are for youth, and an entire community to help grow as one. For more information about the Indigenous Youth Wellness Team, visit


All My Relations

“I encourage you to embrace yourself as who YOU ARE.” – Gerry Oldman Today’s episode of Teachings In The Air is called All My Relations. Gerry talks about what it means (to himself) to be Indigenous in the context of the negative identities that have been projected at Indigenous peoples of North America for generations.


Cradle To The Grave

“A lot of the podcasts I do, what I hear coming from my guests is Love, and Love is a commitment.” – Gerry Oldman Today’s episode of Teachings In The Air is called “Cradle to the Grave.” Gerry Oldman hosts his guests from NITEP(The Indigenous Teacher Education Program) Marny Point, Teneille Shea, Jennifer Anaquod, and Johanna Sam. NITEP began as an elementary teacher education program in September of 1974 in response to needs expressed by Indigenous people throughout BC for a more effective and relevant teacher education program. Gerry shares a discussion about the program that helps educate teachers and instructors on Indigenous matters including teaching methodology, testing and assessment, and curriculum. Education starts as soon as you’re born, and we continue learning our entire journeys.


Laughter is Medicine

"Laughter has opened me up and freed me, to be Me.." - Gerry In today’s episode of Teachings In The Air, Gerry teaches us that Laughter is Medicine. He shares tales of laughter and how humor has been a long-present part of Indigenous communities. This episode delves into how laughing can help us by bringing joy and happiness, even the most difficult of times.


Healing For The Family

Today's episode of Teachings In The Air is called Healing For The Family, Gerry shares a conversation with his guests Denise Findlay and Marla Klyne Kolomaya. Healing for the family is a about the combination of traditional and modern healing for Indigenous peoples. Healing is a continuous journey with many different paths, helping someone and building bonds in your community can help the community, and ourselves.


Movement is Medicine

“Motion is lotion." Gerry Oldman In this episode of Teachings In The Air, Gerry shares his stories about running. How running has helped him physically, mentally, and spiritually. Gerry starts at the beginning before he was actively running for healing and freedom. Sharing tales and personal experiences that have led him to where he is today.


Bending, but Not Breaking

In this episode of Teachings In The Air, Gerry hosts the Xpey’ Wellness Team: Larissa Coser, Beangka Elliot, Harlee McArthur and Marco Caffiero. They shared discussions about resilience, promoting health and wellness, as well as the effects of the pandemic and adapting to the new demand of digital content, hosting webinars and informational videos.


Returning To Circle

On this special episode of Teaching In The Air, Gerry hosts a conversation with a special guest to reveal teachings about healing, becoming responsible, and returning to circle.

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