Look Before You Jump Pt. 2 

This episode is about activism and social change. Set against the backdrop of the global pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement, Gerry takes a walk down memory lane through some of the movements that have worked to end suffering and advance justice. 

Gerry found his way to activism once he began to embrace sobriety. After some journeying through the different forms of activism available to him at that time, he proceeded to helping people through their addictions. His activism changed and transformed over time as he found more and more people to work with, building a movement. 

Gerry's activism also took the shape of being an elected leader in his community. He shares some reflections on that experience, and how he was able to see his community through a new lens. He talks about a time when his community worked together to stop harm from taking place. While there are many ways to advance change, Gerry asks you to reflect deeply on how your work fits into the bigger objective of healing and community wellness.