In episode four of Teachings In The Air Season 3, we get to sit in on one of Gerry’s keynote speeches. Gerry is often asked to travel and shares his Teachings at events like this week’s podcasting location. This is our first time trying this style of recording for Teachings In The Air, so don’t be shy to reach out and let us know what you think of the podcast!  

This being said, Gerry wanted to share this particular message as he touches on themes he felt pertinent to Teachings In The Air’s goals. This specific keynote address was for the Canadian Association of Practical Nurse Educators during a conference titled The Heart of Inclusiveness - Diversity, Fairness, and Equity in Practical Nursing Education. Gerry titled his Keynote address The Heart of Xee-Nut-Sa, an Indigenous Perspective. As Gerry shares, Inclusivity is a key principle that Indigenous peoples deeply valued in the times before contact with settlers. This value was demonstrated in how Indigenous peoples treated others and the world around them. This appreciation of the value of inclusivity was a large factor in how our families and communities thrived. Gerry continues to speak to inclusivity by drawing from the wealth of knowledge he’s cultivated over decades of working as a change agent for Indigenous peoples. Gerry brings this value of inclusivity home with an impassioned chronicle of his own healing journey. 

Throughout Gerry’s journey, returning to the ways of his ancestors has aided him to understand and thrive in modern day situations. Gerry shares from his heart, about how Indigenous peoples will truly thrive when they return to traditional values and ways of being. Gerry goes on to emphasize the importance of embracing the values held by his ancestors that he’s shared about previously as a means to address bias and stereotypes, and promote inclusivity.

The Canadian Association of Practical Nurse Educators (CAPNE) is the national voice for practical nursing education in Canada. The 2019 conference theme was The Heart of Inclusiveness: Diversity, Fairness and Equity in Practical Nursing Education. This conference provided themes and values surrounding the following:

  •     Intraprofessional Education
  •     Innovative and Diverse Education Methods
  •     Integrating Simulation & other Technology in Nursing Education
  •     Embracing Cultural Diversity in the Classroom
  •     Engaging all students with Diverse needs
  •     Inclusiveness, Accessibility, Equity and Fairness for all

You can find out more about CAPNE at their website: