There are two challenges now: the global pandemic and the risk of getting sick, and being confined to much smaller spaces with the people in our lives! The goal of this podcast is to promote personal growth and development, to promote working on developing our minds and gaining new knowledge and skills. Gerry proposed exercising and paying special attention to our bodies, on the daily, because when we take of our body, mind and spirit, we will feel good and have an incredible will to live and survive. "We will have no quit in us."

Gerry is also sure to advocate patience, with others and ourselves. Gerry wants everyone to stay safe out there, which requires isolating, but ensures us that this period of isolation can be done in a constructive and positive way! 

Gerry believes the old ways are the beautiful harmonious ways of life that not only enabled us, but required us to live together with one another in a good way. It seems to Gerry that people are friendlier in traditional dwellings such as big houses and winter dwellings. Gerry also notes that these traditional dwellings often featured delicate and ornate carvings and decorations meant to bring a peace of mind to the people inside. You don't have to live in a big house to put art in your space that brings you peace and calm! 

Remember folks, be kind, and take care out there.

The First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) is monitoring the novel cornovirus Covid-19: