Welcome to Season 3 of Teachings In The Air!

In this first episode of our third season, Gerry shares his thoughts about our Indigenous National Treasures - our esteemed and beloved Elders!

Have you ever wondered what makes an Elder? Does it mean you have to have white hair? Are there different protocols for approaching, working with or learning from Elders? Why do we capitalize the 'E' in Elder? 

Elders are sometimes referred to as Knowledge or Culture Keepers. Elders have experience with walking on this Earth, and are often seen as living libraries; they carry the stories of where we've come from, which we will need to determine where we are headed. They are historians, spiritual leaders, experts and teachers.

Elders today have seen enormous changes in our ways of life, even as recently as two generations past. They have watched the colour television and the telephone come into our homes and communities, they've seen people allegedly walking on the moon, and they've witnessed the advent of the Internet! Some of them even use smartphones.

While these incredible inventions have all occurred within the last century, our Elders often hold stories and knowledge dating back thousands and thousands of years. There are numerous instances of Western Knowledge verifying our Traditional Ecological Knowledge, even from stories ranging as far back as 10,000 years or more! These volumes of information are often shared in the Oral Tradition, an Indigenous method of recording history and caretaking our cultures and identities. 

Since time immemorial, every generation of Elders has been considered the treasure of our communities and culture. Being a traditional Elder himself, Gerry teaches us how to spot these treasures and to treat them as such! So tune in and learn something new from an ancient way of being.