For several decades now Gerry has been concerned for the health of Indigenous peoples. This concern for health has become concern for basic safety as of late. This is due to escalating tensions between Indigenous peoples and western governments, the missing and murdered Indigenous women crisis, and the lingering policies of Cultural genocide against Indigenous peoples. Gerry has wrestled with how to address these serious matters for some time now.

In this latest podcast Gerry shares his heart and how he anguishes for the safety of his people. Gerry addresses the anxiety of Indigenous peoples and uneasiness regarding personal safety while sharing the blueprint for safety used by Indigenous peoples for thousands of years before contact. Having spent many years living with, working alongside, and learning from Indigenous Elders; Gerry shares that blueprint that was passed down to him from these Elders. These teachings aided Gerry, his elders, and his ancestors in staying out of Harm's Way.

Gerry recounts the beautiful history of Indigenous peoples and how we lived in harmony within our families and communities, but most importantly stayed out of harm’s way. As Gerry shares his heart behind his message is evident. Gerry’s wholehearted desire for Indigenous peoples to return to the values and safety established before contact is expressed in a deeply heartfelt and beautiful manner. Listen in as Gerry teaches how we all can live in accordance with those values and how the ways of our people can lead to a long and healthy life out of harm’s way.

***Teachings In The Air periodically introduces content that may impact the well being of individuals who have experienced corresponding traumas in their own lives. Such individuals are encouraged to have necessary supports (such as Elders, counsellors, your doctor or therapist or a trusted friend or relative) accessible in the event that one's mental health is impacted. Such content is not engaged with lightly; however, our aim is to openly acknowledge and accurately illustrate the oftentimes abnormal history of Indigenous peoples. Because as Gerry says "You can't say goodbye to your problems until you say hello to them."

Here are some specialized Indigenous supportive resources for individuals that may require them.