During this episode Gerry joins the Sacred Circles organization in Loon Lake. Sacred Circles is a collaborative that is working to uncover community based healing within Indigenous families and communities, as opposed to individualistic approaches based on western care. Gerry is interested in aiding any effort pursuing Indigenous community based healing, so, as Gerry sits fireside with his crew; he shares his thoughts about what a sacred circle entails.

For Gerry, the most sacred of circles is the circle of family in the Indigenous clan system. Gerry goes into great detail describing the complexity and the harmony of this sacred circle. Gerry also recounts the ways in which the Indigenous family system has been damaged by the residential school system and the systemic oppression of Indigenous peoples. These oppressive systems were pertinent in dismantling the Indigenous systems that were, as Gerry says, “…an unbroken chain, handed down from one generation to the next”.

Although there is much work to do in restoring many of our Indigenous families, communities, and clan systems, Gerry suggests that we can “Go Home” to our cultural ways to aid us in this  work. While we can’t go back in time, we can go home to our teachings, our protocols, and our ways of being. Listen in as Gerry shares his teachings and his journey in this healing alongside the sounds of the land and crackling of the fire pit. Gerry aptly named this podcast Going Home' in hopes to inspire listeners to look to traditional, time-tested and trued ways of being, so that we might once again have healthy communities, families, and individuals.