This week on the show, Gerry speaks about something that’s in all of us; that none of us in this country are immune to - and that word is colonization.

Recalling the earliest memories Gerry had in hearing the term decolonization, our host explores the origins and the impacts of colonization in North American from an Indigenous way of thinking or understanding. The purpose of this podcast is to help Indigenous communities, and others listening, is to understand what happened to us in order to find a way forward through challenges and obstructions.

Indigenous people have been easily and often been pathologized or deemed crazy or mentally unfit by non-Indigenous peoples over the years. This has led to much unnecessary suffering and trauma, leading us to think of ourselves as unworthy, and installing a negative self-image in ourselves and our communities. Wondering what these mental wounds of colonization are, or the traumatic impacts of colonization, Gerry explores how we find ourselves in dangerous situations of the mind, and how to find our way through these places: if we don’t work to end the internalized colonization, or healing mental wounds that are direct impacts of colonization, we risk passing on learned behaviours to our children, and our grandchildren.

So how? How do we heal these mental wounds, these psychological cuts, so that we don’t negatively impact our young people and pass on unhealthy coping behaviours and ways of thinking?

If we’re going to decolonize ourselves, we have to stand up for ourselves. In this episode, Gerry points out how the trauma that we’ve experienced has shaped our current circumstances, but he shines a light on some ways through the toxic thinking and colonized behaviours as we continue to encourage our communities to heal and embrace wellness.