Welcome back to Teaching In The Air podcast with your host Gerry Oldman! We're so very happy to present this first episode of Season 2 of Teachings In The Air!

In our first episode of this second season, we listen to Gerry talk about the origins of his life's work, stemming from the challenges he faced as a young man struggling to recover from trauma, abuse, and addictions. Gerry's story is many of our stories, and it has a lot to teach many of us as we struggle to come to grips with our own attitudes, behaviours, and challenges in the face of continued hardships.

There are many lessons for us to glean from this episode. As Gerry says, "you can't say goodbye to your problems until you say hello to them!" For Gerry, the first step was recognizing in and for himself that he had problems to deal with. As we listen to his story, we find out that the problems Gerry had to deal with were manageable, and could be overcome with some work, support from the people around him, and love from the Elders and ancestors; we are reminded that 'culture is healing.' In 1976, Gerry began promoting this idea that culture is a critical key in healing the legacies of trauma in so many of our Indigenous communities and still promotes this idea today.

We can all find our way through hard times if we want change. Let's do something, let's work together to fix what's been broken.

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