Gerry shares his thoughts on freeing yourself through empowerment. What are we going to free ourselves of? What are we locked to, what do we carry around with us?

The biggest burden we all carry is fear, and it's time for us to free ourselves from it so that we can step forward and take our rights as human beings. Many of us struggle with this one - feelings that we are not good enough, that we are not capable of meeting life's challenges. Freeing our minds and spirits for the good of our communities and environments is a big priority for wellness. Gerry tells us the way forward is through empowerment.

What is empowerment? Gerry remembers when he started to realize his own power, wanting to take control of his life and his wellness. In the process of colonization, pressures to feel ashamed of our cultures and our languages has created some difficult mental health challenges in some of our peoples. This can create complex and difficult issues in our communities, such as stereotyping, racism, and lateral violence. According to Gerry, we've been suffering with "post-colonial stress disorder," and it's time to leave our negative self-images behind by accepting ourselves for who we are. If this sounds easier said than done, it's true. Gerry still struggles with this at times, but he shares his teachings about anger, fear, depression and freeing yourself from negativity through his personal challenges and what he's learned through this work.

Everyone gets angry. How are we meant to learn from and manage our anger so as to leave healthy examples for youngsters in our lives? This is a critical lessons for our youngsters, and ourselves - freeing ourselves from anger. One of the first steps is to "take a good honest look at ourself," and to take account. Admitting mistakes is a part of freeing yourself. Gerry shares what he learned from his Elders about freeing himself, and what helped him with his healing going farther than he was capable of on his own.

Gerry gives thanks to his teachers; he needed his Elders to show him how to free himself - this was not something Gerry could figure out all by himself. He needed his aunties and uncles that helped him towards his freeing himself from his trauma. At the end of the day, family is everything and while it may be hard to heal from what's hurt us - it can be done. Gerry's on that road, and it's a challenge still, but remember that we have the ability, the duty and the responsibility to change ourself - to free ourself - so that we meet other human beings with clarity. That's the mission, the objective and Gerry details the steps in this episode of the podcast.