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Let's celebrate two successful season by honoring and acknowledging the beauty in our culture!



Kwazantchut is training your body, mind, and spirit for true health and wellness.


24/7 Indigenous

The goal of this podcast is to bring a light to listeners about the negative and harmful habits of the colonizers manifesting themselves in our lives in a detrimental way to ourselves as individuals, to our families and communities, and ultimately, to our mother the earth.


Student Success

This podcast is for all of the students out there - from kindergarten to post-secondary. While Gerry discusses some of the barriers and challenges Indigenous peoples continue to face in accessing education through high school, college or university, there's always hope and opportunities to rise above.


Grief And Loss

“It’s a natural feeling for all of us to feel pain, but it doesn’t mean we have to stay there. When we disown our pain, that’s when we become isolated. We must embrace that pain and let it happen; then, we can direct our life again.”


Free Yourself

"Free yourself. Free yourself from negativity. Free yourself from fear and anger and depression."


Social Colonial History

Colonization disrupted our Indigenous systems of governance through acts of genocide, and Gerry unpacks how these difficult experiences have determined some destructive behaviors today, and what to do about this.


Family Reconciliation

Have you ever jumped out of an airplane? Gerry has, with his sister Nancy! Listen to this episode of the podcast to hear all about it!


The Impacts of Colonization

This week on the show, Gerry speaks about something that’s in all of us; that none of us in this country are immune to - and that word is colonization.


Gerry's Journey to Wellness

In our first episode of this second season, we listen to Gerry talk about the origins of his life's work, stemming from the challenges he faced as a young man struggling to recover from trauma, abuse, and addictions.

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