How to: Create Your Own Podcast!

Hello to our online community.

During this unique time of social distancing, we should be refraining from attending large gatherings, staying at home and keeping our distance from other people to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

 We hope that you are taking care, and taking this time to listen, learn and share. It is amazing to see how many people are returning to the old ways and sharing their knowledge with eachother.

We wanted to share our lessons on how to podcast! 

There are so many ways to podcast. You can do it with others, virtually, digitally, over the phone! You don’t need a fancy recording studio to create excellent content, and there are free tools you can use to make that happen.

 1 - The Tools

Pen and Paper - Organize your ideas.

Use bullet form, post-its or notes from your mobile phone; whatever way you feel is the best way. Just make sure to jot down a few things that you don’t want to forget! These are often referred to as ‘speaking points.’

2 - The Process

Recording - Either by yourself, in-person with others, or over the phone or video calling! You can use store-bought audio recorders, but you can also use your smartphone! There are great podcasts out there with audio recorded on the spot using a Voice Notes app.

Be mindful about background sounds like furnaces, heaters, air conditioners, or refrigerators.Try listening back with headphones to test the sound a few times before you begin recording. 

3 - Sharing

Once your podcasts are recorded and edited, share them. 

We use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay in touch, and we use free apps like Soundcloud to get our show onto Apple Podcasts, Google Play Podcasts and Spotify to make sure a lot of people have access to them. 

Kukwstum'ckacw (thank you).