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Oh Canada

Welcome back to Teachings in the Air season 6 titled #TheHealingRoad This week's episode of TIA is titled "Oh Canada" Welcome friends and relatives to another episode of Teachings in the Air with host Gerry Oldman. This episode is about the impact identity had on Gerry's life. Gerry shares his experience with struggles of identity and growing up Indigenous in Canada. This episode contains an audio clip by Chief Dan George, it's a message that inspired and motivated Gerry, so he's sharing it with you.


Ground Zero: Land Back

Welcome back to TIA Season 6 called #TheHealingRoad This week’s episode is titled “Ground Zero: Land Back” TIA’s Gerry Oldman talks about his experience at Plymouth Rock which he called “Ground Zero.” Gerry shares his experiences and stories from a lot of his travelling. The many communities that have left Gerry with an impact, a teaching, and a story to share. We get some insights into what Gerry would love to see the entire community return to, its original state.


The Benefits of Touch Therapy

Welcome back to TIA Season 6 #TheHealingRoad This week’s episode is titled “The Benefits of Touch Therapy” This week Gerry share’s the space with guests Susan Dupuis, and Aaron Strong. They are massage therapists sharing about their stories of how they got into touch therapy. Gerry shares about the tension his body used to carry throughout his life, the muscle and back problems that plagued him until he decided to go to a massage therapist. They share a great discussion about the importance of taking care of your physical body alongside the mind and spirit.


Resilience & Perseverance

Welcome back to this week’s episode of TIA! This is episode 8 of season 6 which is titled #TheHealingRoad This is titled “Resilience & Perseverance” Gerry reflects on a trip he took to South Africa in 2022, learning about, and experiencing, the land that one of his role models Nelson Mandela used to walk. Gerry shares stories about his learning of history, and admiration of people who stood up to preserve a way of life, that stayed true to their messages despite the opposition. He tells stories from his trip to South Africa, and how they impacted his thinking about resilience and perseverance.


Memory Lane

“There’s a need, at that time and still today, for culturally relevant services. Services that our people feel comfortable with and understand” Welcome back to the 7th episode of Season 6 titled #TheHealingRoad This week’s episode of Teachings in the Air is called “Memory Lane” Gerry joins us this week after a stroll through memory lane. After a recent trip to his home territory, he shares the path of memories that were sparked by this visit. Gerry tours his old home, and shares about his experiences of where he came from, the challenges of addiction and overcoming them through finding community and help however he could. Gerry talks about the importance of the cultural approach to healing and services for the indigenous community.


The Lost Generations

“1 by 1 we’re gonna win, and we are winning. We must keep that in our mind, what are we winning? We’re winning ourselves back” – Gerry Oldman Welcome back to TIA, this is the 6th episode of Season 6 titled #TheHealingRoad This episode is titled “The Lost Generations” Welcome back friends and relatives to this week’s episode of Teachings in the Air with Gerry Oldman. Gerry shares this episode with guests Cassie Michell, Audrey Ward, and Nikki Hunter. They share their experiences of healing and what led them to help others in the community, while battling against created identities and many other challenges the community faces in the journey of healing and recovery. These amazing guests tell stories about what inspires and helps them to continue their work in the constantly changing health field.