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Movement is Medicine

“Motion is lotion." Gerry Oldman In this episode of Teachings In The Air, Gerry shares his stories about running. How running has helped him physically, mentally, and spiritually. Gerry starts at the beginning before he was actively running for healing and freedom. Sharing tales and personal experiences that have led him to where he is today.


Bending, but Not Breaking

In this episode of Teachings In The Air, Gerry hosts the Xpey’ Wellness Team: Larissa Coser, Beangka Elliot, Harlee McArthur and Marco Caffiero. They shared discussions about resilience, promoting health and wellness, as well as the effects of the pandemic and adapting to the new demand of digital content, hosting webinars and informational videos.


Returning To Circle

On this special episode of Teaching In The Air, Gerry hosts a conversation with a special guest to reveal teachings about healing, becoming responsible, and returning to circle.