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Ceremony At A Distance

"Wellness is the active pursuit of keeping your mind strong, your body strong, and your spirit strong." In part 1 of Ceremony At A Distance Gerry discusses the importance of ceremony during isolation. This episode was recorded live with UBC Learning Circle.



"By embracing ceremony and daily rituals, it helps with maintaining a strong mind, body and spirit." Gerry teaches us that by embracing ceremony, we embrace connection with our selves, family and community. 


Language and Ceremony

Once again we get to listen in as Gerry addresses health care professionals as a keynote speaker! As Gerry shares his teachings, he acknowledges the significance of Indigenous ceremonies and language and using these as a means of connection. Non-Indigenous peoples can use traditional language and participation in ceremonies as a means of connection to Indigenous people; while Indigenous peoples can use these as connection to culture and values as ́the original people’. Gerry not only encourages non-Indigenous peoples in this way; but also educates on how to navigate this means of connection with grace and respect.


The Heart of Xee-Nut-Sa

In episode four of Teachings In The Air season 3 we get to sit in on one of Gerry’s keynote speeches: Gerry addresses the Canadian Association of Practical Nurse Educators (CAPNE) in Manitoba at a conference on Inclusivity, emphasizing the importance of inner healing and holistic health as a means to address bias and stereotypes and promote inclusivity.


Harm's Way

Gerry’s experiences with his elders taught him profound yet easy to remember ways in which our peoples avoided unnecessary situations that caused harm. Listen as Gerry teaches how the ways of our people can lead to a long and healthy life out of harm’s way.