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Worrier to Warrior

This episode is about activism and social change. Set against the backdrop of the global pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement, Gerry takes a walk down memory lane through some of the movements that have worked to achieve healing and advance justice. 


Look Before You Jump

"We must come together. We must become one and make noise with the intention of creating change." Listen to Gerry's stories and lessons on what is happening today on this special episode of Teachings in the Air.


Ceremony At A Distance Pt. 2

Ceremony at a Distance is a conversation with Cole Daley, recorded live for a webinar hosted by UBC Learning Circle on March 21st, 2020. Gerry discusses physical, emotional and spiritual wellness during quarantine. Ceremony is an important part of Gerry says it is important to center ceremony in our lives despite the current limitations.


Honouring Nurses

It is National Nurses Week and Indigenous Nurses Day! In this special episode, Gerry takes a few minutes to say thank you to the frontline heroes who show up everyday to keep us safe. Gerry recounts the times in his life he has felt immense gratitude to nurses for their selflessness and dedication to the communities they serve.


Ceremony At A Distance

"Wellness is the active pursuit of keeping your mind strong, your body strong, and your spirit strong." In part 1 of Ceremony At A Distance Gerry discusses the importance of ceremony during isolation. This episode was recorded live with UBC Learning Circle.



"We were all one." Gerry encourages us to physically distance and to isolate during Covid-19, but to do it in a good way that helps us to develop as individuals and communities, such as by turning your home into your own personal paradise!